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It has no other origin and no other meaning; and it does not admit of any other interpretation. The bothersome business of proofreading has been carried out by Daniel J. The conspicuous avoidance of alphabetical order in listing names is intended only to provide a temporary escape from the tyranny of the alphabet.

Here's a pet peeve of mine: It was the issue I wanted help with.

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Adam noun Drugs In the slang of drug users, the hallucinogenic designer drug methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA, also known as Ecstasy.

Its grammar is descriptive, but Jonson hung his observations on a Latin grammatical framework. The movement to which it refers, variously known as animal liberation, animal lib, and animal rights, has a much longer history--the term animal liberation goes back to the early seventies--and there is a good case for a term which would be less of a mouthful than animal liberationist or animal rights campaigner, although this one suffers from possible confusion with the opposite meaning of the adjective animalist in the entry below.

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An early version of the midnight-basketball idea: To be more precise, it was divinely inspired. And Van Dale Lexicografie is capitalised. Imported to the UK inacid house started a youth cult during the summer of that year, and soon spawned its own set of behaviour and its own language.

I haven't yet been able to get my hands on the cited source. A Brief History of English Usage English usage today is an area of discourse—sometimes it seems more like dispute—about the way words are used and ought to be used. Alice Munro Progress of Lovep. Its links and references may lead you somewhere useful and certainly interesting.

Bullokar, out of his interest in regularizing and reforming, had been moved to write a grammar of English. Financial Times 28 Julyp. The drug was originally taken in the form of a powder or dust; it may be called the dust of angels because of the supposedly heavenly visions that it produces, although it has been claimed that the reason is that the drug was first distributed illegally by Hell's Angels.

Yes, I meant correct as in I am correct and winning this argument. Formed by combining the first two syllables of acupuncture acupressure is a Japanese application of the same principles as are used in Chinese acupuncture with pressure. The US Center for Disease Control first used the name acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the acronym Aids in Septemberand by the disease was already reaching epidemic proportions in the US and coming to be known as the scourge of the eighties.

These may very occasionally be run in with the text but are usually indented and are always followed by an attribution, typically consisting of the author's name if knownthe title of the book or serial, and the date of publication.

In the eighties angel dust enjoyed a short-lived revival as one of the preferred drugs of the new psychedelia associated with acid house; the term became the usual street name this time round for PCP, which also had a large number of other slang names such as cornflakes, goon, hog, loopy dust, and rocket fuel.

Copeland, as well as some of the aforementioned. Read all about it. I'll give it a go, thanks. Moyes A Trance of Silver-tongued, J. Welcome to Marlinspike Hall, ancestral home of the Haddock Clan, the creation of Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Some Manor-keeping notes: Navigation is on the. Anyone who puts writing at the center of his life ends up in the situation of Dencombe, in Henry James’s “The Middle Years,” who, about to die, at the peak of success, hopes to have one more opportunity to test himself and discover if he can do better than what he’s already done.

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• James B. and E. Frances (Ryan) Munz Scholarship for Mathematics at Le Moyne: The original corpus of the fund was established through the generosity of the friends and family of James. Antoine, Fabrice “Les Malheurs de James, ou, from the rare and not very pleasant experience of having his translation of a short-story by the American humorist James Thurber () bought by a publisher and later discovering that another translation was published by the same firm, the author of this article proposes to examine these.

In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in order to promote the safety of the exterior of the newly built meeting house, particularly the windows, a by-law is enacted to bar "any game of wicket, cricket, baseball, batball, football, cats, fives, or any other game played with ball," within eighty yards of the structure.

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Essentials of Textual Stylistics = Основы стилистики текста код для вставки.

James thurber dialectal journal
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