Designing with colour blue

Communication Boards: Colorful Considerations

Yet, it has a colour. However, most of the Pantone system's 1, spot colors cannot be simulated with CMYK but with 13 base pigments 14 including black mixed in specified amounts. Master Distiller Quality comes in small artisan batches All the ingredients are carefully selected and distilled in small batches to ensure the premium quality of Arctic Blue Gin.

Modern and Clean Benedict Leicht This sharp and modern example by Benedict Leicht uses different tones of orange and blue to create a playful, energetic color palette.

Recent work in marketing has shown that color can be used to communicate brand personality. Each frame can serve as a source of inspiration.

To read more about what colors mean across different countries and demographics, check out The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding and The Meaning of Color.

Designing For Color Blindness

Fun and Professional Mark Dearman This clean, vibrant palette by Mark Dearman perfectly combines warm accent colors with a clean blue background to make for a crisp and professional, but very welcoming palette. Bold Feature Colors Joy Intermedia A great way to keep your color palette from getting boring is to throw in a bold feature color amongst the more neutral, muted tones.

PMS colors are almost always used in branding and have even found their way into government legislation and military standards to describe the colors of flags and seals.


Yellow is sacred to the Chinese, but signified sadness in Greece and jealousy in France. This is where bilberries have an exceptionally succulent taste and high level of nutrients. This system has been widely adopted by graphic designers and reproduction and printing houses.

Designing in color

This UI uses a primary color and two primary variants. Those sites are useful, but try looking at designs that come from outside of the specific medium you are designing for.

Break up your lighter, gentler colors with a punchier tone for a nice contrast. The chart below gives perceived meanings of different colors in the United States. By mixing a striking cyan with warm yellows, reds, and some deeper navies you can get a playful, engaging and flexible palette.

Color meaning is either based in learned meaning or biologically innate meaning. The coastal look is reined in and given a modern edge with the introduction of black metal coffee tables and unique wall shelves.

Check out this one for Fieldwork that only uses five colors but manages to keep it intricate and colorful. Alternative colors for section themes Alternative colors can be used to theme different parts of an app. Retro Inspired Lowdi This color palette for Lowdi channels all things vintage by using warm, rich colors.

Colors have different effects on people based on their personal preference, cultural upbringing, and experiences.

This is the second article of our series, Anatomy of Colors in Web the next few months, we’ll be covering a spectrum of colors.

Color psychology

And one color at a time, we will be featuring web design from around the world. Everything you ever wanted to know about palnning a colour scheme for your home. The colour blue is said to symbolise many positive qualities, such as trust, loyalty, truth, wisdom, intelligence and confidence, faith and heaven.

Paletton, the color scheme designer

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Designing with colour blue
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designing scientific figures for color blind people to make them more accessible