Curleys wifes significance in of mice

But it is a legacy of endless controversy. Confused and then terrified, he covers her with hay. Ever'body out doin' som'pin'. Whit laid down his cards impressively.

The characters George, Lennie, Candy and Curleys wife The film was in most respects masterfully executed, but it is a Hollywood-ized dismissal of Stenbeck's authorship.

In no other case have I found that Steinbeck re-interpreted one of his characters. This demonstrates a horrible side to her Her own needs on her mind, Curley's wife again reassures Lennie it's okay to talk to her, prompting him to repeat his phrase about how he isn't supposed to talk to her.

When George points to Lennie the river, he runs to the river and dunks his whole head in it, drinking from it like an animal. But mine is soft and fine. When this statement causes Mae to sob, Slim is forced to give in and let her talk. They return to the barn, and George looks at her, hopeless.

She is the only woman on a ranch of itinerant working As we have already met pugnacious Curley, there is now another possible reason she is putting lots of make up on.

Ever' one of you's scared the rest is goin' to get something on you. The curls, tiny little sausages, were spread on the hay behind her head, and her lips were parted. Her face was heavily made up.


Curley's wife grows angry at all these rejections, and says: During the story Of Mice and Men the reader discovered the many sources of loneliness. She knows her husband well, possibly has been on the receiving end of that anger and frustration, although that is never explicitly said by the author, and sees his current position, with mangled hand, as being something he rightly deserves for being the bully he is.

George orders Lennie not to look at, or even talk to, her, as he senses the troubles that Mae could bring to the men. She lies unmoving in the hay, and looks peaceful. Even when Mae explains how her life has been during the Depression, Slim refuses to listen to her and shuns her, saying "You got no troubles, except what you bring on yourself" and tells her to go back to the house.

Lennie watched her, fascinated. Time seems to move very slowly. of how the men regard her. Even her husband of two weeks, Curley, ignores her.

Motivation of Curley's Wife

Driven by loneliness, she seeks companionship from the other men, but they avoid her, perceiving her as a temptress and a troublemaker.

In the novel, urleys wife is a complicated character who oscillates between innocence and seductiveness, and sometimes combines the two. The Death of curley's wife. How did the author foreshadow the death of Curley's Wife?

What happened in weed. Lennie was very fond of soft things, such as mice, sadly because of his immense strength, he would often harm or even kill the mice. This clearly shows Lennie's inability to.

Of Mice and Men is about brotherhood among men and the sabotage of their dreams by a self-absorbed woman. The men didn't pursue Curley's wife. She pursued them. She was the sexual aggressor.

She infused their social context with sexual content, thereby contaminating it. - Of Mice And Men - Curley's Wife “I never seen no piece of jail-bait worse than her” (George) what is the reader supposed to think about Curley’s wife.

In the Steinbeck novel ‘Of Mice and Men’, he introduces us to the character of Curley’s wife. Online study guide for Of Mice and Men, Characters How is Curley described and what does it mean? Contact Us Register Sign In. Toggle navigation.

Basket (0) Primary. KS2 English; GCSE. English Literature 'Curley says he's keeping that hand soft for his wife.' Curley makes obscene allusions to his wife and goes to the brothel on Saturday nights. Of Mice and Men is not kind in its portrayal of women. In fact, women are treated with contempt throughout the course of the book.

In fact, women are treated with .

Curleys wifes significance in of mice
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Of Mice and Men: A Feminist Reading